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Issue 71 - April 2016

Welcome to the world of Rebel Rider Magazine a Free Florida Motorcycle Magazine that can be read from anywhere in the world by simply going to past issues and downloading.
Rebel Rider is a bikers magazine, written for bikers, by bikers. We are proud to bring the stories about biker events and the biker lifestyle to you.

Rebel Rider Magazine is not a confederate magazine. The name was picked because we felt THERE IS A LITTLE RENEGADE IN ALL OF US. The only flag you will see flying in Rebel Rider is the American Flag.

We look forward to hearing from our readers! If you send us an email expect to see what you write in Rebel Rider. We love feedback.

Those of you across the big pond that separates us, please submit your articles with pictures to us, we here on this side of the pond enjoy reading what you all are doing.

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Events: In This Months Issue

4/1-3: Willard’s Bikefest Pg. 48.
4/1-3: Willard's Bikefest. Pg 48.
4/15-17: Mickey’s Bar & Grill Anniversary Party Pg. 29.
4/21: Gator Harley-Davidson® Lessburg Bikefest Kick-Off Party Pg. 7.
4/21: Rebel Rider Magazine’s Leesburg Bikefest Kick-Off Party Pg. 63.
4/22-23: Leesburg Bikefest Ad Pg. 22.
4/22-24: Eustis Music Festival Pg. 2.
4/22-24: Stormy Hill Harley-Davidson® Leesburg Bikefest Get Away Pg. 9.
4/21-24: Gator Bay Bar & Grill Leesburg Bikefest Get Away. Pg. 13.
4/21-24: Lake Harris Hideaway Bike Fest Kick Off Party and Schedule including annual Wet T-Shirt Contest. Pg. 15.
4/22-24: Chelle’s Softail Saloon. Non Stop Party HOT Spot for Bike Fest. Pg. 17.
4/22-24: One Eye’d Jack's Bar. Riding the forest route. A must visit Pg. 21.
4/22-24: No place like Eaton’s Beach During Bikefest. This place is a major Biker Favorite Pg. 31.
4/21-24. Buzzard Beach pages 32 & 33. Biker Favoite. Great entertainment. Kick back and relax Kick back and relax ...enjoy the pretty girls & lake front views.
4/21-24: Jesse Black Saloon. No Doubt any of the girls that work in this business could be in the Miss Leesburg Bikefest Contest. A must visit! Pg. 35.
4/22-24: One of the best country rides... Visit Pirate’s Pub. Pg. 41.
4/21-24: Franks Place. Save money in downtown Leesburg on your cold ones. Pg. 49.
4/21-24: Shamrock Lounge. One of Harks favorite hang outs. They don’t get more biker friendly then this place. Pg. 53.
4/21-24. Blackwater Inn, one of the best rides in Lake County... Great food, awesome views. Pg. 57.

Reoccurring Events: In This Months Issue
Old Dixie Pub Bike Night Every Tuesday. Page 8.
Webster Monthly Swap Meet & Show. First Sunday Of Every Month. Page 8.
G’s Lounge Customer Appreciation Day Third Sunday Of Every Month. Page 47.
Chelle’s Softail Saloon Bike Nite Wednesday. Page 17.
Pug’s Pub Bike Nite Every Wednesday. See Page 47.
Mickey’s Bar Bike Night Wednesday. Page 13