All expelled after a clash between Senators and Panthers

Geraldine Tkachuk, the players’ grandmother, was spotted in the stands looking unimpressed.

As remarkable as the expulsion of 10 men may have been, it barely seemed to faze the participants.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s bad to play with emotions,” Brady Tkachuk told The Associated Press. “I think when this group plays with emotions, we’re a tough team to beat, and I think we rely on our emotions and it shows that we care, it shows that we care about what we’re doing here and the guy after us. “

Two more players received misconduct penalties later in the third period, bringing their total penalty minutes in the game to 167.

However, this being hockey, it wasn’t even close to a record. In 2004, a late-game brawl between the Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers resulted in 419 penalty minutes. Sixteen players were ejected from that match, but never more than seven at one time.

“It’s just a hockey game,” Maurice dismissively told reporters Monday. “Both teams want to win and you get a little snarly. It was fun, it was good.”

When asked where the game stood in his career in terms of physicality, Maurice said: “It’s a slight thing. We only got to about 160 minutes. He needs to get to 250 before it gets too weird.