Amanda Knox testifies at the new defamation trial in Italy

Mr Lumumba sued for defamation and Ms Knox was found guilty and sentenced to three years, which she served during her four years in prison.

In a December 2023 episode of “Labyrinths,” the podcast she hosts with her husband, Ms. Knox said the defamation conviction still worried her.

For some, she said, it was “proof that I’m a liar and I’m an unpleasant person and that I have something to hide and I’ve never told the whole truth about what happened to Meredith and only to those who were involved in the affair.” . the question.” . the criminal would never make statements implicating himself or others.”

There are no records of the interrogations that night and Italian police officers are suing Ms Knox for defamation for describing the interrogation. She was tried and acquitted on those charges in 2016.

In 2019, Europe’s top human rights court ruled that Ms. Knox had been deprived of adequate legal assistance during interrogation, violating her right to a fair trial, and ordered Italy to pay her €18,400 , at the time approximately $21,000, in damages. , costs and expenses. The court also raised doubts about the role of Knox’s interpreter and said Knox’s statements during the interrogation “were made in a climate of intense psychological pressure.”