An artificially intelligent helper for planning summer holidays

If you don’t already have software to consolidate travel information, your phone’s default apps can help. Electronic boarding passes, hotel reservations, and advance tickets can be quickly added to your phone’s digital wallet; a pragmatic paper backup hidden in your bag is insurance. Google and Apple offer the ability to automatically add reservations and events from emails and messages to your calendar.

By adding tickets, passes and reservation cards to the digital wallet app on your phone, you keep them all in one place while you travel.Credit…Apple

Free services like TripIt (and its phone apps), TripCase (also with Android or iOS apps), and Wanderlog automatically put all your travel information in one place, typically by scanning the information into confirmation emails. TripIt Pro, a $50-per-year subscription version, adds additional features like tracking seats, fares, and airline points, as well as international travel tools and regional risk alerts like those for extreme weather that can affect flight schedules. airlines and public safety.

The TripIt app can automatically populate your itinerary by syncing with your inbox and pulling confirmation emails for reservations, but you can also add information manually or use a special email address just for travel reservations if you are concerned about privacy.Credit…TripIt

AI robots and travel apps will continue to evolve and will hopefully make vacation planning even easier in the future. Don’t forget to put your phone down from time to time and enjoy your free time once you arrive.