Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses use artificial intelligence to see, hear and speak. What are they like?

In a sign that the tech industry continues to get weirder, Meta soon plans to release a big update that will transform the Ray-Ban Meta, its video-shooting camera glasses, into a gadget only seen in science fiction movies.

Next month, the glasses will be able to use new artificial intelligence software to see the real world and describe what you’re looking at, similar to the AI ​​assistant in the movie “Her.”

The glasses, available in various frames starting at $300 and lenses starting at $17, were primarily used for taking photos, videos and listening to music. But with new AI software, they can be used to scan famous landmarks, translate languages, and identify animal breeds and exotic fruits, among other tasks.

To use the AI ​​software, the wearer simply says “Hey, Meta,” followed by a message like “Look and tell me what kind of dog this is.” The AI ​​then responds with a computer-generated voice that plays through the glasses’ tiny speakers.